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上海铭译翻译服务有限公司(ShanghaiMission Translation Services Limited)由翻译界资深人士联合创办,是一家经上海市工商管理局批准的专注于高品质笔译与口译的翻译服务有限公司。 公司始终坚持以质量为先,通过流程控制、专业分工、质量管理等运作方式,为客户提供全面、准确、优质、便捷的翻译服务。在经营过程中我们信奉专业、诚信、高效的商业理念,我们的客户在接受我们的服务过程不仅感受到我们诚信的企业态度,更能感受到我们诚信的专业服务,我们坚持“信誉至上、诚信是金”的经营理念,致力于文化全球化。 自成立以来,公司本着“保时、保质、保密”的“三保”原则,为广大企事业单位、科研机构、政府部门、社会团体和个人提供高水平、专业化和全方位的翻译服务,使其遍布全球的商业合作更加紧密。公司严谨认真的服务态度和高水平的服务质量,也赢得了广大客户的信赖和赞誉。 作为一家致力于更高要求的翻译服务企业,我们始终坚持诚信和让利于客户,坚持用自己的服务去打动客户。

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Professional Translation Service

Shanghai Mission Translation Services is a professional translation corporation based in Shanghai. We provide prompt, quality translation to all the clients at home and abroad.

Competitive Price

We provide accurate and elegant translation service at a pretty competitive rate. A discount will be offered for large-volume projects.

Native Speaking Translators

All the translation experts working for us are highly experienced native speakers to ensure reliability and accuracy. Occupational certificates are available upon request.
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